Schindler Yacht Piano 1950


Schindler ship's piano

Schindler ship’s piano

Ever since I had a fake wooden piano case built for my electronic keyboard, I’ve been fascinated by smaller sized pianos. Since we used parts from a real piano to make it, I feel like I’m playing a miniature upright.

Once, after using it on-stage for a theatre performance, a professional piano mover asked me if it was a ‘yacht piano’. Of course, I was delighted he’d been fooled, but I was more intrigued by his question since I’d never heard of these before.

A ‘yacht piano’, or more commonly a ‘ship’s piano’, is a stripped down version of an upright, with a short, folding keyboard, and often without any pedals.

Here’s an unusual ship’s piano made by Schindler’s of Paris in around 1950, and a knee-lever damper arm instead of a pedal.

A common feature of these instruments is that they tend to look like some type of furniture when closed up, and this one’s disguise is better than most.

Schindler ship's piano (closed)

Schindler ship’s piano (closed)