Montague ship’s upright 1930s

Montague ship’s upright

Another ship’s piano, but unlike most, this one has both pedals.

It’s a tidy little machine that disappears entirely when the cabinet doors are closed — after which I would defy anyone to guess its contents. And at 73 notes, it’s also slightly longer than the average ship’s piano.

The keyboard itself folds neatly up and back into the cabinet, this being a defining feature of the genre.

The fittings are a light chrome and the polished wood is all figured walnut.

I don’t know the year for certain, but I’m assuming it’s from the mid- to late-1930s (London caught the Art Deco bug much later than France).

The Montague company itself is still around but sadly not building its own instruments any more, merely acting as a retailer for German makers.

Montague ship’s upright (closed)